Friday, July 1, 2011

What else have I been doing.

We have a pool in our backyard and as everyone who lives in AZ knows, who has a pool, it's a lot of work.  Last year as the water warmed I jumped in to begin the cleaning of the tiles.  I even tried to convince two of my grandsons it was FUN to scrub tiles.  I agreed to pay them 5 cents a tile; I know there are child labor laws on the books.  Well, Aidan earned ten cents and he earned not another nickel!  I couldn't convince him it was FUN any more!  (At this point I must confess I left home for 7 weeks and didn't clean a single tile!)  This is the routine..a person goes to the pool store, buys the pumice stones (you have to buy at least two), return home, jump back in the pool and begin the scrubbing process.  Well....let me tell you right now, this is hard work and no FUN; can you imagine working up a sweat in the pool??!!  I'm sure there's a more expensive way to clean the tiles but that's not going to happen.  Of course, the pumice stones don't last for too many tiles and so it's back to the pool store for two more!  So...the chore continues this summer.  I figure if I do three tiles a day, now mind you I've already missed several days of not cleaning tiles, I could be finsihed by the end of summer.  Of course, by that time it'll be time to start over!  Aaahhh...the joys of pool ownership!  Have a great day and be sure to wear sunscreen!

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  1. Maybe you can convince Noah that it's fun... I don't think he'll do it for 5 cents a tile though - he'll charge more! lol :)