Saturday, March 24, 2012

A sew day with the girls

Today Sage and Isabel came to make purses, namely the Mini Messenger bag.  I received the pattern as a gift and I'm putting that gift to good use.  Darci Wright and her mom, Penny Sturges are generous with gifting their patterns.  The patterns are easy to follow and fun to sew, so if you ever see one of their patterns under the label...Quilts Illustrated buy it and have fun sewing.  We started out cutting and Isabel was happy when that chore was done!
Miss Isabel getting that edge very straight.
Sage is working on the small squares.
On to sewing the small squares of the flap.
Isabel working on her small squares too. She was leaning over so closely she about sewed her hair to the fabric!
Now, on to the quilting of the flap.

Isabel is quilting the lining of her flap.
The finished  flaps!
A job well done.  We decided that was enough for one day.  We have a date in a couple of weeks to finish up their bags.  Thanks gals for a fun day of sewing!

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Cubs lose

My husband received baseball tickets from our son and his family for his birthday, I got to go along.  The weather was overcast so it didn't seem like it was 81 degrees.  Now we are talking about the Cubs and this Spring training game was no different than a regular season game.  Hopefully, the Cubbies will pull off a winning season this year, otherwise...."there's always next year" as the diehard Cub fans always say!  Fergie Jenkins was at the game signing autographs.
Some of the Cubs warming up.
A Cub up to bat.

Enjoying the ballgame in spite of the Cubs loss.