Friday, July 29, 2011

Spring cleaning in July

Since our daughter, Amy and her family are here in AZ I decided that the house needed cleaning and I did just that.  I scrubbed bathrooms, floors(on my hands & knees) and cleaned out the refrigerator of it's science projects.  Come on we all have them, don't deny it!  Anyway, wouldn't you know it, I forgot to dust under the tv and my grandson, Josiah found that darn dust!  Oh well, so much for spring cleaning in July.

Amy and Michael are celebrating their 11the wedding anniversary and so we have their boys with us.  Josiah and grandpa are catching a few z's, Josiah in the pak'n play and grandpa in his recliner.  :)  Noah is playing with his new Lego's we bought at Target.  Yes, we made a trip to Target all ready!  That's what grandmas are for!

Sunday, July 17, 2011

How difficult should it be?!

As my title difficult should it change the kitchen faucet?  A person would think, take off the old faucet put on the new faucet.  Nope, doesn't work that way.  It now takes two trips to the Home Depot and a couple of bandaids, one cut in particular could maybe use a stitch or two.  But I put a bandaid on the tbumb and called it good.  I'm not a surgical nurse any more!  :)  The new faucet looks nice in spite of the fact that it's mostly plastic!!!  I'm not kidding.  The only metal part is the post that holds the retracting faucet head.  I was pretty ticked when I discovered the plastic, a new faucet isn't cheap.  Bruce says, didn't you touch it when you checked it out.  I told him I couldn't reach it, it was on display above my head.  So...if you need a new kitchen faucet be sure there isn't any laundry that needs to be done cause the water will be off for awhile!  Enjoy you're day.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Lunch with a good friend

So, I haven't seen my friend Pat Solomon in probably a year or more, yeah we used to see each other weekely but she moved to Payson.  I drove to Payson to have lunch and catch up.  We had yummy food at Macky's Grill in Payson and good conversation.  Pat is one of those people who like to have the server bring her dessert with her lunch.  She had a very tasty looking slice of berry pie.  I'm going to have to learn to take more pics and how to load them to this blog.  I had a large slice of apple pie and had the server bring it with my lunch too.  I have to say, I did not eat my pie until I finished my 1/2 sandwich and cup of soup.  :)  I left Pat and drove to Pine to pick up an ironstone water pitcher (which is part of a bowl and pitcher set) that had a fractured handle (when I say fractured, I mean fractured!) and this darling lady named Shirley repaired it for me.  Now mind you, she has had the pitcher since January!  If I had not seen the fractured pieces I would not have been able to tell you where the pitcher had been broken the repair was that good!  Thank you Shirley, you are a sweet gal.  She also informed me that the pitcher is from England and was made in 1853!!  If anyone ever needs porclean repaired go see Shirley in Pine, AZ at the ice cream shop.  So, I'm home and thought I would catch a dust storm but it's very peaceful here in the Valley of the Sun tonight.  Oh...we did get rain sometime in the night.  No pool tiles cleaned in the last 5 days...sigh.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Now the cleanup begins

I now have more problems than calcium deposits on my pool tiles, I now have mud in the bottom!  We had one of the largets dust storms( I refuse to call it a Haboob, I don't live in India) I have seen in the 31 years I've lived in AZ!  My SUV is too large for the garage and I went out this morning to get into my vehicle and it looked like a giant ant hill!! lol  My SUV is a sand color and it was covered in dust about a 1/4" deep.  The news guys say it was the largest dust storm in AZ in a 100 years!!  That's a long time!  Anyway, I'm going to wait one more night before I head out to brush down the pool...we're supposed to have another dust storm this evening. sigh

Friday, July 1, 2011

What else have I been doing.

We have a pool in our backyard and as everyone who lives in AZ knows, who has a pool, it's a lot of work.  Last year as the water warmed I jumped in to begin the cleaning of the tiles.  I even tried to convince two of my grandsons it was FUN to scrub tiles.  I agreed to pay them 5 cents a tile; I know there are child labor laws on the books.  Well, Aidan earned ten cents and he earned not another nickel!  I couldn't convince him it was FUN any more!  (At this point I must confess I left home for 7 weeks and didn't clean a single tile!)  This is the routine..a person goes to the pool store, buys the pumice stones (you have to buy at least two), return home, jump back in the pool and begin the scrubbing process.  Well....let me tell you right now, this is hard work and no FUN; can you imagine working up a sweat in the pool??!!  I'm sure there's a more expensive way to clean the tiles but that's not going to happen.  Of course, the pumice stones don't last for too many tiles and so it's back to the pool store for two more!  So...the chore continues this summer.  I figure if I do three tiles a day, now mind you I've already missed several days of not cleaning tiles, I could be finsihed by the end of summer.  Of course, by that time it'll be time to start over!  Aaahhh...the joys of pool ownership!  Have a great day and be sure to wear sunscreen!