Saturday, August 27, 2011

Another Arts 'n Craft Day

Another very crafty, talented friend of mine had a class in her home today and we created with Tina's help a photo album
This is the prototype; very pretty.
This is me working on trying to make mine as glamorous as Tina's

Tina had a beautiful table decorated with a beach/Hawaii theme. We had fun lunches in boxes, drinks in mason jars, and strawberry shortcake in small fruit jars.  I didn't get my album done but I will finish it and post photos when it's as pretty as Tina's.  Thanks Tina for a fun day!

Cooling off in Flagstaff

I enjoyed two days in Flagstaff thanks to my friend Linda and her husband, Mike. They have a beautiful home and treated me very well. We had yummy food, a little wine, and some laughs. Linda had a little sewing lesson on Wed. and then on Thursday morning, another friend of Linda's, Leanna, joined us and we made jewelry. I had purchased beads in Venice and had never done anything with them. Linda guided me and I actually made a bracelet.
First the planning
Here's the finished project!
Thanks Linda for a relaxing two days, I hated to drive back down the mountain into the heat of Phoenix.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Birthday lunch

I took a quick trip to Payson today to have lunch with Pat and Creig Solomon to celebrate Pat's birthday. We had lunch at Macky's, famous for their hamburgers and a yummy dessert named "Southwest Cheesecake." Let me tell you it's very yummy. If you go to Payson and have lunch be sure to go to Macky's, have a burger and then have this....

It's cheese cake filling wrapped with a flour tortilla and then deep fried, sprinkled with cinnamon and sugar, and served with ice cream, strawberrys and whipped cream!!  As Rachel Ray says...

Monday, August 22, 2011

A sewing day

Monica and I sewed today at my house, we worked on a cover for our 3-ring binders.  
Here's Monica working on hers. 

Here's mine in progress

Here's Monica's almost done!
My friend Deb stopped by and had lunch with us.
The girls agreed to have PB&J, can you see us grown-ups having a kid sandwich!  We had vegies too that Monica brought and of course what's lunch without brownies!  Thanks for a fun day gals!  I'm almost finished with my binder cover, just need to put the binding on!  Yeah!

Sunday, August 21, 2011

It's done!

I started this blog telling of my woe in cleaning the pool tiles.  Well, if I had just called my cousin in Yuma I would have had those pesky tiles cleaned long ago!  I called him in consult for our 'green' salt water pool and he gave me some pointers and then he asked, "did I have that calcium buldup" and I said YES!  Well, I again followed his advice and now the tiles are clean!  I had planned on cleaning tiles the rest of the summer and now I can sit back, read a book and enjoy my sparkling clean pool!!  Aaaaaahhh, summer by the pool in AZ.  Never mind that the pool is 96 degrees! lol 

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

It's quiet in my house.

What a fun and crazy time it's been at my house for the past ten days!  My daughter, Amy, her husband, Michael and their two handsome boys, Noah (8) and Josiah (18 mons) have been visiting.  They live in Ohio and so were in need of some thawing out; according to my daughter she officially thawed out last Saturday. By then she was melting!  It was so fun to have them here, we had lots of coming and going all week long. Amy and Michael celebrated their 11th Anniversary while here in AZ, we had the boys so they could celebrate. We counted up the times Noah swam and he was in the pool every day but two!  Josiah had had enough of the sun by the middle of the week, he actually cried when he was in the sun; I cry too on occasion when it's this HOT!  Josiah also learned the first week they were here that the seat belt is hot after the car sits in the AZ sun, he never forgot this the rest of his visit!  Sadly, all good things must come to an end so on Monday I took them to the airport and now they are all sleeping quite comfortably in their own beds....aaaahhh.