Monday, February 27, 2012

I'm trying to catch up on blogging today!

After my quilt camp trip the following weekend I and my dog, Sadie, (no Sadie didn't share in the driving)drove to Yuma for a scrap booking weekend.  Since I'm about nine years behind with my scrap booking this was a perfect time to try and catch up.  My Aunt Bonnie and cousin, Teri Jo worked on our scrap books from Friday through Monday.  I was able to finish 43 pages!  I caught up to the year when my grandson, Noah was born...YAHOO!  I shouldn't tell you Noah is 9!  Now I have to hurry and get Josiah into the book which means I'm only seven years behind! Enjoy a few of pics of our weekend.

Cricut Headquarters!

Teri Jo working hard.

Aunt Bonnie having help from her dog, Suzie.  Suzie thought she was a great help with good ideas!

We ate well, Teri Jo made the best Chicken tortilla soup.  And of course there was chocolate!
On Saturday, Diane, who is married to my cousin, Jim, and her daughter, Katie came to visit and see what we where doing.  Katie shared a picture on her phone...which I must admit I recongnized what it was immediately... and ultrasound...Katie and Richard are having a baby! Wish I had taken a picture of the ultrasound.  Anyway, congrats Katie and Richard!  We'll meet your new little one in Oct!

I now think I'm caught up with what I've been doing.  Have a great day!  Oh, by the way... I'm off to San Diego for a few days!!!  I know, you're wishing you were coming with me! BYE!

Busy days in Febuary

Since January went by so quickly, Feb. doubled it's speed.  I went to quilt camp in Pine, AZ with the "Material Girls" and we had lots of  fun and laughs.  Candy, Jim, and Sharon took excellent care of us and I think I gained 5 lbs from all the yummy food!
Me working on Charlene's "Memory" quilt.

Barbara and her "Jelly Roll" quilt.

Beverly won the fat quarter game. Can I just say...I've played this game probably 50 times and have won exactly once! What is that all about?? But, I do love to play and maybe some day I'll hit the jackpot!
Here's the whole gang!  A fun bunch of quilters.

I've been busy.

Having lunch at the quilt show.
I can't believe it's February!  Where did January go?  I do know what I was doing in January; Lorene, Mardi, and I drove to Ontario, CA for the "Road To California" quilt show.  My dear husband, Bruce, was able to comp us a room for three nights.  Upon arrival the hotel desk clerk informed us we had been "up graded" to a king room.  Uhmmm, that's nice but how are three gals going to sleep in one bed!  After much a do, the hotel located a roll-away bed for our room.  Mardi bless her heart, volunteered and slept on the roll-away.  Since we were upgraded we were on the Starwood members floor and had a great breakfast each morning and "Happy Hour" in the evening.  Drinks weren't included. :(  The quilt show was fabulous and there were plenty of vendors to take our money.  I can't put all the quilts here but I did add one of the winners.

This gal was fun to visit with and had a beautiful quilt.
We headed home on Sunday morning after wearing out our feet and emptying our wallets. 
Thanks gals for a fun trip!