Monday, May 16, 2011

A successful try!

Well, after a couple cups of coffee, some breakfast and reading the User Manual (imagine that), I attempted to create a wall hanging.  Imagine my surprise when it actually worked and I created a 27.46x27.46 wall hanging.  :)  The pretty little thing has May baskets and Friendship Stars sitting on point.  I was able to rotate the baskets and set them upright!  The project even has a border with corner squares.  Next dilema, how do I print the squares to paper foundation the baskets and how do I figure out what size to cut the Friendship Stars?  Guess that's for another day of reading and playing with the program....sigh.  Why wasn't I born knowing this information??


  1. you weren't born in the right decade to be "born knowing this information"!! lol :) Glad you figured it out... at least partway.

  2. Fantastic! Take on achievement at a time.