Friday, May 27, 2011

I've been traveling

There's something great about spending time with family.  My Aunt Bonnie, my mom's youngest sibbling, lives in Yuma, AZ and I usually travel to see her two or three times during the year.  We both love to quilt and we always have a fun time together.  I drove to Yuma on Monday and returned home on Thursday.  The two of us needed new glasses so we braved the border and crossed into Mexico.  I now have new lenses in my glasses and a new pair of sunglasses with my prescription lenses.  I knew I needed new lenses as my eyes have it's getting used to the new strength!  I did get some sewing done while in Yuma.  I've had this on going English Paper Piecing project for the past three years and I worked on sewing the little pieces's beginning to look like a quilt.  :)  Will tackle the EQ7 program this weekend, it's time to expand what little knowledge I have! :)

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