Thursday, June 16, 2011

I lost a couple of days

Where to begin!  What a whirlwind weekend we had in Omaha.  Bruce finally gave in and flew to Omaha w/ me on a different airline!  But we surprised his mom big time!  We all walked for the Pancreatic Cancer fund raiser, it was only 2 miles but I would think if I was 4 years old two miles is a loooong way.  Ms Charlee (my great-neice) walked most of the way until she asked her daddy, Matt for a ride.  I will learn to insert pics I promise cause it was a beautiful day and there were 400 people walking or running.  Omaha did itself proud on Sat. for the PanCan organization.  We ran all weekend and I figure I can keep up w/ the best of the folks having a good time but by Monday evening after I had arrived home I was down for the count.  I had the chills, fever, aches, and basically felt like crap until today.  I'm glad to be feeling better and catching up on lost days for sewing!  Here's to staying healthy!!

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